So, how do I start?

Simply, create a profile – it takes 2 minutes!
Click on the button up top that says CREATE MY DREAM BOX, fill in your details, create a password and hit REGISTER. Voilà – you’re in!

Now that I'm in, what's the next step?

This is your chance to customise your Dream Box.
Add your details, choose a theme and type a message to your family and friends to make it feel special!

Now that I'm in, what's the next step?

Yay, it’s gift time! Click GET STARTED and browse through our toys. When you see something you like, hit the DREAM BOX button
beneath each toy/item (don’t forget to choose your Dream Box name on the dropdown menu if you have brothers and sisters).

I'm ready to share my list with friends and family

on the top right
corner of our site.

Find your
name and click
the share icon.

Add a personalised note
to say thank you to
your family and friends.

Share your Dream Box
with the link provided, on
WhatsApp or via email.

There are perks for everyone!

Free delivery for your gift-givers.

Easy returns for up to 90 days.

Automatically get a Piggy Bank when you create a Dream Box

Get 5% of the value bought, back into your Piggy Bank.

Wait! What about my Piggy Bank?

If you’re saving for something big, share your Dream Box and ask for Piggy Bank top-ups instead when you send your personalised note.
And, the save will be worth it!

Look out for your Piggy Bank funds in the "My Account" section when you're signed in or at checkout to use the funds at any time.

Ts and Cs apply.

Deliveries and Returns

Guess what? Gift givers get FREE delivery when they shop from your Dream Box and you have 90 days to make your returns.
Ts and Cs apply.

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